How It Works

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How It Works



Add a focused and productive edge to your study with instant access to our audio-visual notes and exam-material when you sign up for a SimpleStudy account.


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Students can choose their subjects in order to start tracking their progress as they complete new topics and exam tasks on our platform.


Study Smart

Smart study begins by using our digital homework journal to take note of weekly tasks, while using our carefully curated study notes whenever there is a topic you don’t understand.

Our Mission

SimpleStudy wants to change the online education market. We want to help students focus, achieve their potential, and eventually start to ask the right questions. Equally, we want to help digitalise the classroom to allow teachers the data they need to perform at their best. Yet at the core, our project is to innovate the way we teach so that we leave students capable of learning for themselves, a crucial skill that will be of benefit long after school exams. Watch our video to learn more about SimpleStudy and our vision as educators.