About Us

SimpleStudy is an all-inclusive study solution for both Leaving Cert and Junior Cert exams. Our platform offers curated study content alongside organisational and self-assessment tools to ensure that our students stay exam-focused both inside and outside of the classroom.

Who We Are

SimpleStudy was founded by two smart lads from West Cork. Childhood friends, Oisin and Jack share an eclectic set of interests that range from film photography and physics to interior design and micro-economics. Creating a comprehensive online learning platform quickly turned from a weekend project into a growing business venture. Now studying Economics and Architecture respectively, we continue to grow and learn together, and hope to reflect that love of learning in everything we build at SimpleStudy.

What We Do

At SimpleStudy we are constantly working to enhance the student experience. Equally, we believe our technology can benefit in allowing teachers to innovate so that everyone can benefit from digital learning. No matter your level, we made studying online simple so you can use our platform wherever you are. Don’t believe us? Here’s how it works!