TESTE How to get a H1 in Leaving Cert Irish

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How to Get a H1 In Leaving Cert Irish - Ultimate LC Irish Exam Guide.

The Leaving Certificate Irish exam is a significant academic challenge for Irish students. This article provides a comprehensive strategy for achieving a H1 in the Leaving Cert Irish Exam.

Understanding the Leaving Certificate Irish Exam

Leaving Cert Irish: Paper 1

Paper 1 focuses on assessing your comprehension and language skills. This paper comprises two sections: An Chluastuiscint (listening exam) and a composition Section with a choice of an essay, a story, a newspaper article or a debate/speech.

How to get a H1 in Leaving Cert Irish:

Leaving Cert Irish Exam: Oral Preparation

Focus on perfecting the basics, including the traditional Irish welcome (Fáilte), as it's an easy way to secure marks. Polish your pronunciation, especially for the poetry reading section, which is worth more marks than the written poetry question in the exam. Listen to Irish podcasts and note words with tricky pronunciations. Practice reading the poems aloud every day to make them second nature by the exam.


Securing a H1 in Leaving Cert Irish is a challenging but attainable goal. By following the strategies and tips outlined in this article, you'll be well-prepared to excel in your examination. Understanding the basics, practicing daily, preparing for the oral, and mastering startegies for individual questions are key components to your success. With consistent effort and practice, achieving that H1 in Leaving Cert Irish is well within your reach. Good luck!